MLIS Positioning Plate Extension

  • MLIS Positioning Plate Extension

Positioning Plate Extension recommended with all M.L.I.S. designs


This is an extra plate to add to the length of your MLIS Positioning plates. It is a duplicate of the larger plate in the positioning plates set. The purpose of this extra plate is to allow for a longer fixed position set up when creating longer inlays using numbers or letters. It is also especially helpful when you want to set up multiple locations to place an inlay and not have to move your positioning plates you already have in place mid project. It is the same standard size that we recommend you use with all of our Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils to guarantee a perfectly lined up position when transitioning from template to template in each M.L.I.S. set. Our positioning plates are the same thickness as our Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils making it easy for your router to glide across when cutting your pockets into your project wood.

Material: All stencils are made with high quality, durable .22" thick cast acrylic.

Number of Plates in M.L.I.S. Set

Finished Inlay Dimensions:

M.L.I.S. Dimensions:

Stencil Type:


  • N/A
  • 4.5" x 11.5"
 Positioning Plates


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