MLIS Starter Kit Deluxe

  • MLIS Starter Kit Deluxe


Includes deluxe positioning plates and double sided masking tape great for holding wood.


This is an upgraded MLIS Starter Kit that also includes a roll of double sided masking tape and our deluxe positioning plates. In detail, the following is included:

1. Deluxe Positioning Plates

  • Includes Standard MLIS Positioning Plates
  • Additional 11.75" extension ideal for use with our art M.L.I.S. stencils
  • No clamping when used with our clear double sided tape.
  • Keeps Stencils perfectly lined up
  • Same Thickness as M.L.I.S.Stencils
  • Prevents Edge Falloff when using router
  • Durable Clear Cast Acrylic Design

Made with high quality, durable .22" thick cast acrylic. 

2.  Clear Double Sided Tape

  •  Double sided tape can be used for hundreds of uses around the woodworking Shop and is the recommended tape to use when creating inlays using M.L.I.S. 
  • 2" wide 
  • 60 yards per roll

3. Double Sided Masking Tape

This Double Sided Masking Tape is ideal for use all around your woodworking shop but is recommended primarily when holding down your project wood when doing router cutouts when creating an inlay with an M.L.I.S.

  •  Double coated paper
  • 7 mil thick
  • 2" wide
  • 36 yards per roll
  • Better hold than clear double sided tape
  • Easy to remove


4. 1/8" Router Inlay Kit by Whiteside

  •  1/8" Solid Brass Router Inlay Kit with downcut solid Spiral bit(RD1600), Brass Housing Guide, Centering Pin, and .2" thick collar or washer. 1/8" cutting diameter, 1/2" cutting length, 1/4" shank. Bit is 2" in overall length. This Kit by Whiteside is ideal for use with Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils.



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No - Never thought about it
No - Seems difficult
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