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    with Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils (M.L.I.S.)

    The Multiple Layer Inlay Stencil was created to inspire the next level of router based wood inlay design. We feel we have accomplished this by upgrading from the classic shape inlay templates that have been available since the creation of the router inlay kit. Im sure you have seen simple outline templates many times, and they work well when you know the right wood inlay techniques. But to us the finished inlay seemed to lack the attention to intricate detail that makes a great wood inlay special and unique. We love the pocket inlay technique for its long lasting quality. Unfortunately, all of the designs we could find were totally basic and un-inspiring. For Tarter Woodworking, changing how stencils are used to inlay has been our calling since we began in 2013.

    It all started with a simple desire to inlay a name into a wood bookshelf to personalize a gift (Check out our story in the about us section). Letter and number inlay stencils were nowhere to be found. To us inlays make your woodwork special and unique for whoever receives it. So Since then, we have been on a mission to totally change the possibilities of what inlays can be created with a router, a sander and our Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils. The wood inlay templates or patterns we create are intended to make intricate designs easy for even the first time woodworker. The Designs are intended to inspire you to express yourself through your wood art that you create, and although we love our designs, we are always looking to hear from you about what portrait or image may inspire you to create a wood inlay. Contact us to tell us about your M.L.I.S. ideas to help us better serve your vision as a woodworker.









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