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Tarter Woodworking

    Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils (M.L.I.S.)
    More possibilities w/ More Layers

    • CNC Precision Cut for a Tight Fitting Finished Inlay
    • Made to Last w/ Durable .22" Thick Clear Acrylic
    • Easy for Beginners or Experts to use.
    • Works w/ Plunge Base Router and Router Inlay Kit
    • Creative Art and Numbers and Letters Designs
    • Innovative "Rotate" and "Flip" Techniques
    • Quality Gaurantee


    Check out this Yin-Yang design walkthrough video brought to you by Stuart at Stusshed.com

    User Feedback:

    "Your product worked great. You are only limited by your imagination." - Paul T. from Mesa, AZ

    "Good Product. Great Results, and a very realistic price to boot. Whats not to love?" - Stusshed.com

    "I have been having fun with woodworking for a number of years, but not as much fun as since I got a Tarter inlay kit. Thanks very much for being there for me!!" - Wayne W. from Littleton, CO


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